Monday, February 11, 2013

A Weekend with Friends

Spent the weekend with two of my dearest friends since college. A time with them never fails to make me happy.

I baked some black forest cupcakes with them... watching. Haha. All I thought Gaile will help me bake! She spared me of washing the dishes and spearheaded the decorations though. Nap was our ultimate taste tester. :)

Here's our final product. This turned out to be too sweet. I thought the cake lacks sweetness so I made the frosting a little bit sweeter. I forgot that the cherry filling and syrup were from the canned dark SWEET cherries. I didn't like the cake so the next time I'm doing this (maybe tonight), I will choose a different recipe. Must be the self-rising flour substitution. It looked good in the pictures though.

The morning we woke up, I forced them to stay for breakfast that became our brunch because Gaile wanted to wait for the banana muffins to bake. They left at almost 2PM instead of 10AM as planned. Haha! Happy times!

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