Friday, January 4, 2013

Red Velvet Cupcakes

12/17/12. It's my big day! I finally baked on my own for the first time using my new oven.

Experiment #1: I love chocolates. But being my first time, I'd rather not waste any chocolate if in case my experiment won't turn out well. So to help me decide what recipe to do first, I asked my twitter/FB friends. Unfortunately, only one answered (maybe they don't trust me since it's my first time! Haha!) and so red velvet cupcake it is!

I was hesitant to do it though. In spite of its popularity, it's my least favorite. Just because it's red. I know Mary Grace's black velvet cake is adapted from the same recipe but I love it. Just because it's not red. For me, anything that is supposed to be chocolaty should have a shade of brown or black.

What changed my mind is the recipe I found from a blogger - Bake Happy. There are 3-4 bloggers I follow for cupcake recipes but she's the only one who is not a foreigner. I liked her because she has many Pinoy flavored cupcake recipes that are interesting to try. And I got intrigued about her red velvet cupcake recipe because she used Yakult instead of sour milk.

My finished products were dry. I think I did well with preparing the batter but I had problems with the oven. My cupcakes almost burned! :'(

I tasted one and it still tasted fine but dry. So as not to waste them, I made the cream cheese frosting runny to cover the ugly top. And because I wasn't able to find some red sprinkles, I decided to use pink chocolate shavings.

I brought the goodies at the office. My colleagues said it was good (but dry) and they liked the frosting so I guess it wasn't a complete failure.

As for me, I found the cake lacking in sweetness while the frosting was too sweet just like what the last to taste told me. I will definitely make this again and make some adjustments with the sweetness. :)

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