Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cupcake World

I am officially entering the world of cupcakery. Funny, I am nervous. I hope that I easily do this just like how I easily experiment on pasta dishes.

As mentioned in my first post, the last time I baked was when I was in HS and first year college. I know I need a refresher. My mom is a good cook but do not bake. So when I saw a deal in Cash Cash Pinoy, I purchased a voucher for a 4-hour cupcake baking workshop at Cake Terrific. We will be taught how to bake four recipes: (1) Black Bottom, (2) Classic Chocolate, (3) Red Velvet, and (4) Banana cupcakes.

After almost 2 months after buying the voucher, I attended the class last week. I was very excited!

I was told we can bring home our finished products so I had to stop by Chocolate Lover to buy a box. They sell the boxes in 10's which is okay since I really plan to pursue this hobby (It makes me happy!) and maybe bring some in the office or school.

The class was from 10am-2pm. Our teacher was Chef Sabrina. Also assisting us and taking pictures was Chef Aicel.

We were first taught how to properly measure the wet and dry ingredients. I thought we will bake individually but we were grouped by three. It was disappointing but also a relief because I don't want to waste the ingredients if I didn't do well.

Two recipes (black bottom and red velvet) were demonstrated to us. After showing how it's done, Chef Sabrina let two participants continue while she is explaining and telling when to go on to the next step. The other two recipes (classic chocolate and banana), we did as a group. Once everything is mixed and poured on the pans, we gave it to Chef Aicel for baking.

While the goodies are in the oven, Chef Sabrina discussed the different ingredients and what they are for as well as tips in baking. She also answered our questions.

While the cakes are cooling, Chef showed us how to make the frosting. I was disappointed on this part because she used a ready-to-whip cream. I was hoping she will show us how to make cream cheese or buttercream frosting. But the fun part is we get to try piping frosting on our cupcakes! That to me will always be the best part.

I think it was pretty easy. I can't wait to try it on my own! *insert Whitney Houston song here* I am already researching on what recipe I should do first. I am not doing anything chocolate for my first try. I do not want to waste chocolates! :) I hope I won't turn my kitchen into a disaster area.

P.S. I was able to bring home a dozen of cupcakes. I gave it to my best friend and her mom as a gift. The banana cupcake was tasty but wasn't soft and moist. The classic chocolate was good for a first time (again) baker but still needs improvement. But most importantly, it was edible! Haha. :D

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