Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Christmas Gift from Me to Me!

That irresistible "welcoming feel that baking gives a home". Soon, it will be felt and smelled from my humble abode.

Last Christmas I gave myself a fridge and an entertainment set. This year, meet the new member of my household (that kind of introduction reminds me of Beauty and the enchanted furnitures/cookwares in Beast's castle. :P I wonder what I should call it?):

It is an electric convection oven. I read that there is a difference between the regular and convection oven so I was studying some articles online. I hope it is not too hard to use. I'm getting myself prepared, too, on how much my electricity consumption will be when I start to use it.

Just the thought that I can finally bake those recipes I have been googling and saving in the past thrills me. Sunday chicken, lasagna, cupcakes, muffins... My list is getting longer and longer!

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