Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chicken with Sundried Tomatoes

I love mushroom soup so I usually have a can or two whenever I do my grocery. Weeks ago, I saw this featured recipe on the label and got intrigued with red wine vinegar. Sundried tomatoes and basil are good but in different pasta dishes so I also wondered how will it taste with both ingredients in one dish.

The ingredients are not so hard to find. They are readily available in the supermarket but just in case, I was already googling for alternatives for the vinegar and tomatoes.

I am not sure if I will like egg noodles so I bought penne instead. Also, when I cook, I always end up not strictly following the recipe. I made little modifications like instead of whole chicken breasts, I cut them into bite sizes. Instead of water, I used evaporated milk for a creamier sauce since I will be using penne. The recipe was also a little bland so I added a bit of seasoning.

My taste tester said it was good! :) Though I think it's better if I seasoned the chicken before/while frying. The vinegar is not so special maybe because of the small amount added to the sauce. It might also be nicer if it's spicier by adding some chili flakes. And I like my penne dishes eaten after storing it in the fridge after a couple of hours then reheated. It makes the penne more flavorful. And you will never go wrong with grated cheese melting on top, much better than parmesan, IMHO.

Here's my finished product:

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