Sunday, August 26, 2012

Abcde, 1234

I went to a workshop yesterday. It was the first time that I ever signed up for a workshop. It was a very good experience especially because it's calligraphy - the only 'talent' I can say I have.

Alessandra Lanot (Alessa), the organizer and our teacher, calls the event calligraphy crafternoon. You have to sign up online to join the workshop.

In the confirmation email she sent us, she said it "is NOT a formal workshop. As I mentioned in the blog post, it's just a dorky craft hangout with other like-minded people, experimenting with materials, and getting to know each other. :) Although to provide some form of structure, I'll be sharing some basics, and will be providing worksheets, printed lessons and modules that we can all do together, or individually."

I started doing calligraphy when I was in Grade 5 or 6 during our writing class. No matter how tiring it is to complete pages of lines, loops, spirals, letters, and numbers, I have always enjoyed that subject. Since then, I always spend minutes daily to practice writing the alphabet and the numbers 0-9. At any point in time, whenever I'm bored or idle, I find myself getting a pen and paper and start scribbling.

In high school, I usually volunteer to do the greetings on the board for the Christmas party using colored chalks. I also bought two editions of Speedball textbooks. Those books introduced me the strokes, angles, and tools in calligraphy. Instead of printing something for the cover page of some of my projects at school, I do the lettering using colored sign pens. I usually do calligraphy to somehow personalized the cards I gave to family and friends.

However, I didn't have the same amount of chance and time to use calligraphy at work. I even think my penmanship gone bad due to lack of practice that's why when we started giving out certificates to recognize the good work of our team members, I volunteered to write the names on the certificates to remember the art.

Eventually, I joined Carina and Rexie in signing up for this crafternoon. It was held at Pipino, the vegetarian sister restaurant of Pino at Malingap street in Teacher's Village, Quezon City. I have been there once but dined in Pino. The place is easy to locate but just in case you get lost, you can always refer to Google map. Alessa also provides the address and map in her email as well as her contact number if you need help to get to Pipino.

The registration fee is Php 300.00 which includes snacks after the activity. You can also buy the kit for Php 700.00 if you do not own any tool which is really good for beginners. So hassle-free.

I am quite familiar with the tools, fonts, and some calligraphy terms but it was my first time to use a fountain pen. Really fun! Can't help but imagine Jose Rizal write his novels.

I found it hard to use the obliq nib (pointed one) but that is what I want to specialize on. I like writing in script and usually ends my strokes in loops and curves. I was more comfortable with the italic nib (broader one). How could I forget the Gothic font style? It was my first love. Though, I think the nib provided could have been less broader since the cardboard is not for big slogans.

Alessa also showed us that we can use brush pens and colored inks. I would like to master that too.

If I remember it correctly, she said we should work more on the down strokes. She also mentioned that the writing speed is a factor in producing the correct proportion and style. And that calligraphy is writing using the arms. Practice daily for at least 30 minutes.

Since I have not done this for years and can't really decide on what quote to use for the final output, my product is not so good (but I love my N!). I also had a problem with too or not much ink in the nib. As always, my style was inconsistent while my strokes were not proportional.

And here are the works of the rest of the participants:

Alessa is also conducting a watercolor crafternoon and might be having a stamping crafternoon soon. I read in her blog that she had a craft soirée too. Try one of those and learn something new or just like me, relive those old hobbies.

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