Friday, August 24, 2012

A Cake Dream

I am still up, reviewing for my business law midterm exam scheduled at ten in the morning later. For some ice breaker, I looked at the pictures posted in Instagram and saw a 'cupcake cake' by @doughnsugar. I want to have one on my birthday which is only a week from today.

While retweeting the post, it reminded me of one of my dreams - to learn how to bake. There were times when I was still in elementary (or maybe high school?), I would stay up late at night just to watch Heny Sison's TV show. Her cake decorating show sparked my interest in baking. If there are professionals I really look up to, they are chefs. Especially, pastry chefs.

As a high schooler, my favorite class was baking aside from drafting (I have even considered taking up architecture!) and algebra (I somehow hate it now which is a different story).

With no budget for an oven, materials/tools/utensils, and ingredients back then, there were just five instances when I tried to bake. Actually, two of those tries were no-bake.

My first two tries were during our baking class. With my group mates, we made a marble cake and peanut kisses cookies. The marble cake was okay but the icing/frosting was a failure. The cookies were a little toasted but still edible. However, we end up eating the kisses separately instead of it melting on top of the cookie.

At home, Mom usually buys me a box of no-bake brownies. It's just something you have to mix and chill. I used to use the ice trays so I don't have to cut them in cubes when they are set.

I also tried making a no-bake cheesecake when I was in college but Dad and I ended up just eating the crust and pour over it the cheesecake. Unfortunately, it didn't set because I bought the wrong all purpose cream.

The last try was when I baked a birthday cake using a microwave oven with two of my friends since college. The icing wasn't perfect but I was able to try writing the 'happy birthday' greetings on it.

I can't help but smile while reminiscing and writing this. I may not have the talent but I'm building up the passion. Learning to bake is still in my to-do list. Hopefully, soon.

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